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Tumbling Enrichment

We believe kids should be able to act like kids. We also believe fun environments are especially conducive to the kind of learning that prepares them for life’s adventures. Through our unique tumbling enrichment program that revolves around active play, we complement and enhance the traditional school experience - even before kids are school age! We give children a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, build confidence, and develop key skills. Our tumbling enrichment program will help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment provided to us by Right Moves Dance Academy.


Art Enrichment

Children learn and develop skills through a number of activities. While math and science programs are vital for intellectual development, simple play-based activities and art projects can stimulate imagination, exploration, and invention at an early age. With our Art Enrichment program we provide open-ended creative and art activities—in a variety of settings to lay the foundation for cognitive, emotional, and motor development in the early years, leading to enriched learning during school and elementary years.


Yoga Enrichment

Our Yoga Enrichment Class is brought to us by the Raleigh School of Yoga. This course is a wonderful way for children to experience yoga as a means of self-expression, body awareness, and self-control. Children learn different poses, breathing techniques, visualization skills, and games. Yoga helps to strengthen muscles that ease breathing, helping to oxygenate the body. Children become attuned to their feelings and find better ways to express themselves. They become better at self-regulation skills, which are necessary for health and relaxation. Children learn coordination and flexibility in safe, gentle ways.

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